Dragonflies are magical creatures that have been loved and respected by various cultures over many centuries. A dragonfly will bring you strength, courage & happiness and because they represent the start of a beautiful new life they make thoughtful gifts for all of life's events.

Dragonflies are not just for birthdays or anniversaries they are the perfect way to celebrate or commemorate any of life's events...

A perfect gift for the birth of a new baby, for getting through those exams, to celebrate graduating, for when they're leaving home or moving to a new home. Whether they are starting a new job, a new business or retiring to start a new chapter. Dragonflies are beautiful themes for weddings and make perfect Bridal jewellery - a little dragonfly pendant or charm bracelet will make a perfect bridesmaid gift.

A comfort in times of grief and loss, the presence of a dragonfly is also sign that a loved one is near. A dragonfly keepsake makes a thoughtful gift that shows you care with no need for words. To discover  the reason dragonflies mean so much to me read more in my DragonflyTales