The Dragonfly & the Native North American Indians

April 15, 2016 Jacqui Grove

Dragonfly Pendant on a Native North American Indian

For thousands of years dragonflies have been symbolic and deeply meaningful to different people and different cultures all over the world. 

One of the most simplistic, yet meaningful, dragonfly symbols can be found in the culture of the Native North American Indians


They were a deeply spiritual civilization who captured the essence of the dragonfly in little more than 3 simple lines - a single vertical bar with two horizontal bars crossing it and sometimes with a circle for a head.

Their beliefs were dominated by a very spiritual connection with nature.
They believed that each person had a Totem or 'animal spirit' which served as their guardian and guided them through certain phases of their life.
Some individuals would have many Totems as they might only be needed for a short time while other individuals might be connected to a single Totem for their entire life.
While animal spirits were Totems, the dragonfly was the spirit guide - adopting men and women, young and old, seeking out what it was that needed to be healed or changed and then connecting the required spirit animal to them.
These beliefs were passed down each generation through stories, symbols and signs that were embedded deep in their culture. 
The importance of the dragonfly to these people is evident through the repeated use of the symbol in their jewellery, tattoos, on tepees, totem poles and musical instruments.
This iconic dragonfly symbol can still be seen etched into their landscape.
Today the dragonfly has different meanings to all kinds of people and for many different reasons. Dragonflies have been among us for millions of years, they are old and wise spirits, so for me the idea of the dragonfly as a guardian and spirit guide dedicated to the care of our well-being is a very comforting one.


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