Inspiration for Dragonfly Tattoos

September 14, 2016 Jacqui Grove

Well I have never got around to,or been brave enough ,to have a dragonfly tattoo but this secret desire has led me to discover some amazing dragonfly designs from worldwide tattoo artists.

dragonfly tatoo 

Dragonflies have many different meanings and once you find your connection with them you will know it's the perfect choice for a tattoo. Be it for their free spirit, because they represent new life, a new beginning, strength, courage and happiness or because they connect our souls to the spirits of our loved ones, the pure beauty of these fragile creatures can be enough to make them the perfect subject for a lifelong commitment.

My 'Dragonfly Tattoos' board on Pinterest has an inspiring collection of dragonfly designs. Even if you are not a fan of ink on flesh, you have to appreciate the artistic skill behind these tattoos and the absolute dedication of the individual who's love of dragonflies means they have dedicated their bodies to be forever clothed in the wings of a dragonfly... How wonderful!






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