How this dragonfly obsession started

February 04, 2016 Jacqui Grove

In 2006 and after years of fighting Leukaemia my 16 yr old daughter was told she only had weeks left to live. It was then that I recalled hearing a dragonfly fable that helped me explain how it might be when you die. The story made everything seem so simple and certainly took away some of the fear.
After I lost my precious daughter and having never seen a dragonfly before, I started seeing them everywhere. I have now literally seen hundreds. They find me at the perfect moment...usually when I'm having a wobble and am in need a little extra support ... and then they flit away leaving me with a little more strength and a smile on my face, because I know that something very special just happened.

It's not always a real dragonfly. The first time I went back to my daughter's school a lady stood at the gate in a skirt covered with huge dragonflies. She walked away as I approached and I have never seen her or the same design in the 9 years since then... another time while I waited, teary-eyed in the car to pick my son up from her old school, a dragonfly came and sat on my windscreen right in front of my eyes. We stared and smiled at each other for about 10 minutes until I saw my son and at the same moment it flew away. 

I have had a picture on my personal facebook page for quite a few years now. It's of a dragonfly that joined us out at sea our the maiden voyage of our yacht (which sadly we no longer have) and which clung to the mast until we got ashore. It was a couple of years after our Josie died and a little reminder that she would always be there with us through all our adventures. I love this picture and now that Cliff & I have opened our shop together selling his Pond Yachts & my dragonflies side by side, I love it all the more!

I have no doubt that dragonflies are very spiritual creatures. They certainly help me feel connected to my beautiful angel and bring me a huge amount of comfort. 

I know that I am not alone in this...so many people have shared their extraordinary dragonfly experiences with me that I am convinced they are nothing less than magical.

If you have a dragonfly story that you would like to share please leave a comment I would love to hear from you x.


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