A Symbol for 2020

June 13, 2020 Jacqui Grove

The start of this new decade has brought with it many changes and trying times for everyone. While we all try to adapt to strange new world I am comforted by the thought that dragonflies remain constant. 

A fleeting glimpse of these magnificent creatures is a blast from the past, a reminder of a pre-historic world where mankind was a million dreams away.

They flit about carefree and unaware that they are supreme survivors of change. Like ghosts from the past they remind us that 'life' and 'living in the moment' is what it's all about and we need to make the most of our time here. We're in times of change but the important things remain the same; Love, compassion, joy, laughter.... 

For me change means a new beginning too. I have moved on from 'The Pond' (my little shop in Corbridge) and am now concentrating solely on this - 'The Dragonfly Garden'. Stopping for a moment has taught me to breath again and now I'm filled with inspiration for new dragonfly designs and loving the thought of having more time for my passion.... (keep a look out for new dragonflies coming to the website soon)

Bringers of strength, courage and happiness, messengers from the past and signs of bright new beginnings, dragonflies seem to me at least, the perfect symbols for all of us right now.



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