Kindred Spirits

January 04, 2017 Jacqui Grove

Dragonfly glasswear 

I really love being in my little shop in Corbridge at the moment - and for many reasons.

For one thing it's my own space, I currently run it on my own but I don't mind because it's my sanctuary, set slightly back from the real world, where I am surrounded by dragonflies... which of course I love.

I do have customers popping in and out for company, many have quickly become friends and now and again some venture in who can only be described as kindred spirits.

They might be local or just visiting Corbridge from far away, but it's always lovely to meet someone who recognizes and appreciates that there is something rather special about dragonflies. It's also quite reassuring  because it means I'm not alone in my beliefs and because I'm obviously not mad if someone else is as obsessed with dragonflies as I am.

Customers often ask me ''why do you love dragonflies so much?'' (some probably regret asking once they get my reply) but now and again I too am compelled to ask why they are so delighted to find a shop with so many dragonflies in it. Their reason is usually similar to my own ... ''I lost a loved one and dragonflies give me comfort.''

So as another kindred spirit leaves with a few beautiful dragonflies to bring her a little closer to the person she loved and lost ...  I too feel a little closer to my daughter and perhaps a little less crazy.

Thank you Caroline, it was lovely to meet you today.

Jacqui x



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