Our new shop...THE POND

August 22, 2016 Jacqui Grove

This month we opened our shop and as a result you might have noticed that we have changed our website name to The Pond Corbridge.

THE POND- being the new platform for The Dragonfly Garden and Grove Pond Yachts.I am still and will always be obsessed with dragonflies and my husband will probably never shake off his passion for pond yachts either, so we have teamed up on the pond where our dragonflies and pond yachts have found a mutual home and make for a very unusual gift shop.

We should have thought of this sooner. I'm sure our daughter was trying to get the idea over to us years ago when on the anniversary of her passing she sent a dragonfly to share the whole of our first trip with us on our sailing boat... (sorry it took us so long to click Josie) ...anyway it feels very right and everyone who visits the shop seem to agree that the combination works extremely well. I hope it translates as well onto the website!

Meanwhile I am enjoying adding things like the gorgeous nautical baby wear to our range... now I just need to find some dragonfly baby wear to compliment it... any ideas?

dragonflies & sailing boats- perfect combo!

So dragonflies love sailing - who would have thought?



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